Personalised for everyone

I'm Sinead Gomes and I'd like to welcome you to my website!

Here at Lady Personalised, you will discover a great selection of products which aim to suit all your needs. The prices listed are inclusive of delivery costs. You will find that the majority of products are able to be personalised with your own photos, however, those that are not are clearly marked, next to the product name. Images must preferably be in a jpeg format – you can upload these when you view your basket. I also offer a range of standard set products, however, please do email me and it is possible that I may be able to edit these designs slightly, whether this may be adding a name onto a set mug design.

Please feel free to call/ email me for bulk orders and I will be more than happy to offer discounted rates. The variety of items that you see have been carefully chosen, based on their quality, which the company prides itself on. Please, however, do visit my website regularly to keep up-to-date on unique limited-edition items, as well as seasonal items, that are able to suit different budgets.

If you need any help or assistance with ideas, do not hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email. I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. My vision is to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

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